Revision Tips

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Here are a few steps, tips and techniques that everyone should consider while revising:

  • First try making a revision timetable. Consider which parts of the day you work best at. Do you work better in the morning or later at night?
  • Most adults can only maintain concentration for 20-30 minutes. So break your revision in to small 20 or 30 minute chunks with 10 minute breaks. This way you are able to absorb more information.
  • For each revision 'chunk' consider doing different methods of revising. For example, for your first chunk write summary notes, for you second chunk do flash cards. This keeps revision slightly more interesting.
  •  Try to get other people to test you using your flash cards or notes. This makes sure you know what you need to concentrate on revising. 
  • When revising, always start with the topic you find hardest. For example, in English Literature, I find poetry harder than the novel, so I start of revising poetry. This will make sure you are not avoiding any difficulties.
  • Maybe try explaining things to someone who doesn't know your subject or is finding it difficult to understand it. This could be a parent or friend.
  • Try doing past papers or practice questions and mark them or give them to your teacher. This is…


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