The ultimate way to revise

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In my opinion whenever you sit an exam you should give it your best
shot because its once in a lifetime chance. Okay there may be resits but
lets say when your 30 years old you will not be sitting you A levels will
Below are some revision techniques which I find helpful and that you
may also find helpful. Feel free to post me back if something does not
make sense or to give feedback.
Firstly the best thing is start revising and making notes early on in the
year, for example before Christmas and then when you come to revise it
for the exam in May/July, it will just come to you or you may only need
to do little revision.
Secondly make sure you have a clutter free work space. This is because
at the moment my desk is mountain high, of papers and books. And
sometimes I forget where things are.
Make sure you own a locker or somewhere to put files and books in
college. Heavy bags and files can leave you exhausted at the end of the
For Revision
Start early:- (like I have suggested)
You could try mnemonics, for example if you want to learn a set of
things, divide them down to shorter sections and make a new word.
Try pegging. For example your journey to college. Each place you
associate with a word/object of what you are revising. The problem with
this can be trying to associate.
Another revision technique is to make posters and stick them around
your bedroom. I've tried this it helps only sometimes. For example make
sure you don't have to much info on the walls.
Try using spider diagrams / mind mapping, this is particular useful for
visual learners.
Use flashcards. To jog your memory. For example. Cut some card or
paper (that can be bought from a poundshop or even ask teachers if
they can lend some).
Cut it into quarters, i.e four cards per A4 sheet.
One side put the word you are revising, for example Stroke Volume.
And on the other side put the meaning on, for example the volume of
blood pumped out through each ventricle during each contraction.
Customise work with colours and shapes. You may remember this is in
the exam!
Lastly if there is something you don't understand ask your teachers,
thats why there for you. Also do pass papers and ask them to mark
them or compare yours with a mark scheme. I think this particularly

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Because you are familiarising yourself with the exam paper itself.
I hope my information has helped. If you don't understand something
feel free to post a message, or feedback on what you think.
Hope this helps!! Good luck with your exams.…read more


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