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Ways to Revise…read more

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There are no `right' ways to revise as we all have different techniques
.Some people may be visual learners
.Some people may need to physically do something to remember it
.Some may just remember it by simply reading it
.Some may remember things by doing lots of art work
. If you don't know your method for revision try lots of different methods out & see
which one suits you the best…read more

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How much remembered...
Audio Visual=30%
Practise by doing=75%
Teaching others=90%
Remember to start revision early. The
earlier you start the more time you
have to learn therefore the revision
is more efficient.
I would suggest 2 hours on a school
night & 4 hours on a non school day.
Have 30 minute slots & a mini break in
between for your brain to have a rest…read more

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Prepare, prepare, prepare
Prepare your room & yourself for everything needed for revision so you don't have to
run around to find books & materials
Make sure you take all distractions away this includes turning off your mobile, no
watching TV & any thing else that may distract you
You may want to listen to some quiet music in the background but nothing too distracting,
studies have found listening to Mozart increases intelligence, this isn't for everyone but it'
s a benefit for people that love that kind of music
Have all of your pens & materials with you
Even bring water with you to your room so you don't have to go to the kitchen to get
Finally make sure you find a quiet place to revise, maybe your bedroom if there's no
distractions or the dining room if you have one…read more

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Some tips for revision
If you can't think of anything here is some stuff that may help
.Making everything in note form & then re writing the notes,
this is useful for subjects such as Geography or Science
. Doing lots of past papers as similar questions come up in the
exams every year, this will help you familiarize yourself with
the questions & preparing yourself for the questions
. Look at the examiner's report & see what they made of the
exams & they tell you how you can improve
. If you're a more visual learner I advice pictures as one of the
best ways to remember things, the sillier the picture the
easier it is to remember
. Do mind maps & write the key notes down, this doesn't work
for everyone but have a go
. Try doing revision in the library to prevent distractions
.If you can trust yourself do revision with a friend & teach
each other stuff…read more

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Before your exam remember to eat something nutritious, I always eat banana's
before my exams as they release the energy slowly, making your brain function
better & bring water with you in the exam
Apparently having fish oil capsules boosts your memory as it's omega 3. You may
want to give it a go :)
Some tips for a healthy breakfast...
Spinach omelets
Banana milkshake
Toast & eggs
Honey & Toast
Don't eat...
Tea (this may be a students staple diet but before an exam it isn't very beneficial)
Fizzy drinks
Crisps…read more

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