How accurate is it to say that the provision of holiday pay was the most important factor in the development of the holiday industry in the years 1918-1979

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Background info- 

Foreign holidays and tourism were reserved for the aristocracy and the upper class.

The wealthy stayed in expensive hotels in seaside and spa resorts- often gold courses etc..

Health giving qualities if escaping city smug for the seaside- brochures highlighted these effects.  Very accurate to say- opportunitiesfor tourism industry to expand.

Boarding houses were developed in Blackpool and other seaside areas which boosted the once deprived areas economy , massively developing the tourismindustryforthosewhofoundit difficult to travel far. Even though holiday pay was low it gave options to stay on cheap package holiday like Butlins which prior to a wage bonus wouldn’t have been possible.

Opened up the gates to freedom when going on holiday

To an extent- 

Shift away from collectivist ideas towards


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