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Commercial Establishments

These establishments charge the customers for the services they provide and therefore make a profit. these sorts fo places include:

  • pubs
  • bistro's
  • caravan parks
  • holiday resorts

Non-commercial Establishment

These types of establishments often run on a low budget and often do not make a profit, but they do it to supportthe community. These types of places include:

  • Hospitals
  • schools
  • universities
  • colleges

Organisations in the industry

RIPH - Royal Institute of Public Health

CIEH - Chartered Institute of Environmental Health

SSC - Sector Skills Council

People 1st - the SCC

BHA - British Hospitality Association

BII - Britsh Institue of Inn-keeping

RSPH - Royal Society for the Promoion of Health

Accomodation - Some areas of the hospitality industry provide accommodation for their guests,for example hotels.

Food and beverages - this sector prepares and serves food nad drink to it's customers. Outlets include fast food oulets and restaurants



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