Types Of Menus-Catering

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Al a Carte menu:

Lists all the dishes available

Dishes are arranged in courses-Starters,Main,Dessert

Allows the customer choice

Food is cooked to order-may be pre-made

Customers must wait for meal

Normally table service-waitress comes to you

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Table d’ Hote

Fixed and limited number of courses-most commonly a three-course meal

Limited choice of dishes within each course

The price is fixed

There is very little wastage

Very popular with restaurants, pubs etc as it controls cost

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Used for special occasions.

Can vary from drinks and canapés to a sit down banquet for an event e.g. wedding

Usually fixed price

The menu is usually chosen prior to the event and guests do not have a choice

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Cyclic menu

This is a ‘fixed pattern’ of meals that covers a ‘fixed number’ of days

The fixed number of days always includes a number of weeks plus 1 day (i.e. 8 days, 15 days) The addition of the extra day means the menu items are not repeated

Used by hospitals, prisons, old peoples home where there residents are there for a long period of time.

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