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What was the Warsaw pact?

A military alliance of communist nations in eastern Europe. Organized in 1955 in answer to NATO, the Warsaw Pact included Albania, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, East Germany, Hungary, Poland, Romania, and the Soviet Union. It disintegrated in 1991, in the wake of the collapse of communism in eastern Europe and the Soviet Union.
The treaty was signed in Warsaw on 14 May 1955, and the pact was dissolved in Prague on 1 July 1991.

The Warsaw Pact no longer exists. It was an alliance of the Eastern Bloc countries, established in 1955 by the Soviet Union as a counterpart to NATO.

The Warsaw Pact allowed for the Red Army to be based in member states. It also provided for a unified military command and a system of mutual assistance.


North Atlantic Treaty Organisation.

Formed in 1949 as a military alliance to resist soviet Russia. It was a type of collective security, if one member country was threatened they would all protect it.

Truman Doctrine

Policy by Truman where he was prepared to give resources e.g money& equipment. To any Country that may be at threat of turning communist.

Marshall plan

General George Marshall visited Europe and thought that all Europe was so poor it would turn to communism. Marshall and truman asked for $17 billion to help get Europe economically developed again.

Marshall aid

putting the marshall plan into action. giving the $17 billion to the countries that needed it, it came into practise in 1948 when czechsolvakia turned communist.Stalin forbade any cominform countries to take any marshall aid.



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