History revision



History revision

  • Some terrorists will negotiate, however extreme organisations use only violence.
  • Most Western countries do not comply with terrorists demands (if any).
  • The PLO:
  • They used both terrorist tactics and diplomacy.
  • Israel was created in 1948 as a homeland for Jewish people after WW2. The Jews liked this because it had historic and cultural significance.
  • However Palestinians also lived there and this caused conflicts. As a result of the Jews moving in, 750,000 Palestinians became refugees.
  • The Palestinians wanted change, they created the Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO) in 1964 by Arab nationalists. They did this so they could regain Israel.
  • There were various groups which made up the PLO. Yasser Arafat belonged to the Fatah group. This group was fairly moderate. There was more than one group, each ranging on how violent they were.
  • The PLO were not afraid to use violence and terrorist tactics. For example in 1978 the Coastal Road Massacre killed 38 Israelis, within them 13 children were killed.
  • The PLO wanted to be accepted as representatives of the Palestine people.
  • Similar to the IRA, the PLO reduced its demands and…


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