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Stressmann and recovory

History revision

Stressemann was the elected chancellor of Germany in 1923. He led Germany back to recovery.

Stressemann wanted international cooperation:

  • Stressemann started off as the Chancellor for a few months but soon became the Foreign minister. 
  • Stressemann beleived that Germnay's best chance of recovory was to work with other countries.
  • September 1923 saw the Ruhr workers return to duty. 
  • After the hyperinflation he accepted the Dawes plan (1924) and introduced the new German mark. The new mark was called the Rentenmark, it was introduced to help stabalise the currency. 
  • 1925 saw the Belgian and French troops withdraw from the Ruhr.
  • October 1925 Stresseman agreed the Locarno treaty. This treaty agreed the westearn borders of Germany but not the Eastearn borders. 
  • He won the noble piece prize for his efforts and work.
  • Germany joined the…


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