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Iraq War

History revision

  • The invasion of Iraq by the US was quick and easy however the conflict lasted longer than expected.

Saddams regime crumbled in just over a month:

  • March 2003 saw the US invade Iraq with coalition forces.
  • On April 9th they captured the capital, Baghdad. The coalition had 200,000 ground troops who were better equiped than the Iraqis. They also had air support while Iraq had none.
  • May 1st saw President Bush announce the victory over Iraq.

However the conflict still continued:

  • After the defeat of Saddam there was luting and civil disorder over the country of Iraq.
  • The US forces lacked the man power to with hold them.
  • Many of the members of the defeated Iraqi army resisted the invasion (became insurgents) and they were supplied weapons by terrorists.
  • Saddam Hussein went into hiding but was later captured in December 2003.
  • Al Qaeda and…


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