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'What were the main changes in Britain from the reign of Henry VIII to 1900?'

From when Henry VIII became King in 1509, to 1900, the world has changed dramatically. In this essay I am going to explain how it has changed, and what have been the most significant changes.

Firstly, I feel that society changed particularly in that period. Especially the way the middle class viewed the rest of society. In the 1500's, the streets were filled with the poor who were so badly treated, that they broke their ankles to make people feel sorry for them. Up until this point, the middle class had taken no notice in the poor, regarding them as worthless.  This problem became so large that in 1601, the first Poor Law was brought in. A sign that shows the poor were being thought of as more than just something on the side of the streets.

The Poor Law raised the tax to provide food for the poor, they were all kept in their own parish, so the money was divided fairly and any fit person who refused to work was sent to a house of correction. This Law was the Government taking control of people and making sure that the only people not working were the ones who actually couldn't

In the 1700's, although the poor were gaining some respect, Africans weren't, as slave…


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