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Sample Essay Questions
THE COLD WAR, 1945­1985
Explain why views on the Vietnam War changed in the United States.
Explain why a Cold War developed after the Second World War.
Explain why the USA became involved in a crisis over Cuba in 1962.
Assess the role of the domino theory in us/soviet relations. How realistic was the
US fear of Soviet expansion in the third world?
Assess the success of summit meetings in reducing superpower tensions
Assess the extent to which the Cold War involved the nations of the Middle East
Assess the extent to which the Cold War dominated the lives of ordinary people
in US and USSR
Assess the American fear of communism in the development of any ONE cold
war crisis b/w 1948 1989
Discuss the influence of various groups on the creation and maintenance of cold
war culture b/w 1945 1961
Evaluate the importance of ideology on the causes of the Cold war
In the period 1945 to 1949 Germany was often at the centre of the Cold War.
Explain why this was so

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