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Almost everyone has heard of the Hindenburg and seen footage of people jumping from the flaming wreckage that
was once a Zeppelin. Such a catastrophic event is etched in the minds of many but few actually know the facts and
opinion is still divided as to the cause of the…

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side, as the windows were not jammed during the explosions. Therefore, most of them survived. In death figures, this
disaster was not major, but like the infamous Titanic, with the reputation of the Hindenburg, and the horror and shock
of the disaster, it has become one of the most remembered…

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burnt due to the static electricity built up in the storm. On the other hand, the Hindenburg had flown through many
storms before and been hit by dozens of bolts of lightning during its travels. Why would the storms affect the
zeppelin then? We cannot be certain, although the most…


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