Introduction to history

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  • Chapter 1: Introduction to History
    • What  is history?
      • Record of stories of past events
      • Study of past human events
        • Shaped the way the world is today
      • There are 2 patterns that historians look for when reconstructing the past
        • Common features
        • Change and continuity in features over time
    • Why study History?
      • Helps us understand change
      • Helps us to understand how the society came to be
      • Learn from past success and failures
      • Helps us to understand and respect one another
      • Develops critical and analytical skills
    • The past
      • Occurred portion of time
      • Everything that has existed
        • Words and deeds but no organized story
        • Remnants that have survived over time
    • Archeology
      • Scientific study of how people lived based on things left behind
        • Archeologists carry out studies by examining objects made, used or changed people in the past.
        • These objects are called artifacts


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