Introduction to History 4

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  • Chapter 1: Introduction to History
    • Reliability test of sources
      • Past is reconstructed by piecing together different sources
        • Has to be tested to ensure given information is not biased (one-sided/ unfair view of things)
    • How are primary and secondary sources being tested for their reliability?
      • Tested using 3Cs
        • Corroboration: Can the sources of information support one another?
        • Credibility: Are the sources of information trustworthy?
        • Consistency: Do the sources of information have similar meanings?
      • After the 3Cs test
        • If source of information passed, it is considered a fact
        • If source of information fails, it is considered an opinion
    • Difference
      • Fact
        • True and reliable information
        • Suitable to use as evidence to reconstruct history
      • Opinion
        • Some people think its true, others do not


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