history course of the boer war

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Questions on the course of the Boer war:

When did Britain gain the Cape from the Netherlands?

Eighteen fifteen

When was slavery abolished?

Eighteen Thirty three

Who discovered diamonds at Kimberly, and when?

Cecil Rhodes

Which year was Transvaal annexed by Britain?

Eighteen Seventy Seven

What happened in Eighteen Seven Nine, and what did this mean for Britain?

The Zulu war, the threat was removed. 

During which time period was the first Boer war?

Eighteen Eighty Until Eighteen Eighty One. 

During which battle were 400 British troops defeated by Boer forces?

The Battle of Majuba Hill

When did Britain surrender independence to The Transvaal and Orange Free State?

Eighteen Eighty Two until Eighteen Eighty Four

When was gold discovered, and where?

Eighteen Eighty Six in the Transvaal -Johannesburg 

Who attempts to overthrow the Transvaal republic in the Jameson raid?

Cecil Rhodes

What was the result of the Jameson raid?


Who arrived in South Africa as the British High Commissioner in Eighteen Ninety Seven?

Sir Alfred Milner

Who are the Uitlanders?

The foreigners that go to South Africa in


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