Was the Boer war capitalist or imperialistic?

capitalist and imperialistic reasons for the Boer war 


Capitalist and imperialistic justifications

One may say that the Boer war was capitalist, due to: 

  • the discoveries of Gold in the Transvaal meant that the Transvaal was no longer poor and dependent on British South Africa; thus this could be the start of a new powerful Boer Empire. The Cape and South Africa was vital to the security of the British Empire. 
  • Why?- provided a route to India and other colonies. 
  • War waged for gold- for the profits of mine owner

However, one may say that the Boer war was not capitalist due to: 

  • The Oxford History of the British Empire, Volume III (1999) argueing that the Boer war was not fought for capitalist purposes. 
  • It says "it was not gold that Britain was after in 1899, but the establishment of British power and influence over the Transvaal on a firmer basis, to advance the unification of the region with the rest of the Brtish Empire;. 
  • Another not capitalist reason for the Boer war was that there were British Uitlanders in the Transvaal who were unhappy about inequality as they recieved high taxes and inferior services, illustrating a corruption of the Transvaal republic. 
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