History revision


The cold war

History revision

After World War 2:

  • Britian, the USSR and US came out on top during the second world war.
  • The yalta and potsdam confrences saw meetings held between the big three allies to decide Germany's and Eastern Eurpoes fate.

The Yalta conference saw 3 major decisions (1945).

  • Winston Churchill, President Roosevelt and the USSR leader Stalin met at the yalta conference.
  • The decisions were made: 
  • Germany was going to spilt into 4 sections/zone of occupation.
  • Countries that were in Eastern Europe were set to have free elections for new governments.
  • The League of Nations would be replaced by the United Nations.

Changes occured after this:

  • Both Roosevelt and Churchill lost power (deaths/elections) and new leaders were in charge, President Truman (US) and Clement Attlee (UK).
  • When Truman came to power he became increasingly suspicous of the USSR. The USSR were expanding Westwards, taking…


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