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The invasion of Abyssinia

History revision

The League of Nations was already weak and wasn't very influential towards other countries. This is for a number of reasons. Such as, America didn't join so there was no outright country that had significant control, as a result of this Great Britain and France led the League of Nations. However, they weren't very influential and controlling because both countries had just come out of the war and were rebuilding.

Italy was ruled by Mussolini's fascists:

  • Italy was under the control of Benito Mussolini and his Fascist party.
  • He had been Prime Minister in 1922 after threating to take power by marching on Rome.
  • With his new position as Prime Minister, he changed the voting rules and as a result, his fascist party came to power.
  • From 1925 he began to change Italy into a dictatorship rather than a democracy.
  • He banned all opposition…


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