History revision


Hitler comes to power

History revision

When Hitler became chancellor he wanted more power and change.

Hitler changed laws in order to keep control.

  • Hitler won 288 seats however he didn't win the majority because the communist party still won 81.
  • After Hitler was named chancellor he declared the Communist party illegal.
  • By doing this it allowed him to receive greater support in parliament to change laws. For example, he introduced the enabling bill which was only passed due to threats and bribery in March 1933.
  • This enabling bill allowed Hitler to govern for four years without interference from parliament. With his power he banned all other parties, he nearly had full control.

The night of the long knives:

  • Hitler still had large opposition from the SA who were a part of the Nazi party. (400,000 men) who was controlled by Ernst Rohm. 
  • June 29th/30th 1934 saw Hitler send his own men to arrest Rohm and his companions. Eventually, Rohm, Von Schleicher and Strasser were arrested and killed. This was known as the night of the long knives.
  • By doing this it prevented any further opposition to Hitler as he had stamped out all rivals.
  • A month after this Hindenburg died and Hitler took advantage of this by becoming President as well as chancellor, but also he became commander in chief of the army. He was referred to as the Fuhrer. This was the beginning of a dictatorship forming.

Germany was now under strong leadership:

  • Hitler had advisers who helped him run and control the country.

The Nazis used propaganda:

  • They used propaganda to portray their beliefs and points of views. Their propaganda was particularly blamed towards the Jews and Communists. They said that…


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