A2 Edexcel Unit 4-tectonic activity and hazards.

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--> Created for the June 2014 exam, it many not be useful after that because of the change in specification but check with your spec.

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Overview of exam: Tectonic activity and
You will sit an exam for 1 hour and a half, the paper will be out of 70 marks and it will be in the format of an
essay-style report. This is used to show the depth and quality of your understanding of the chosen topic (I will only be
covering tectonic activity and hazards).
Despite the early release date, I personally will be constantly adding new up to date/ relevant case studies and
you should too.…read more

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Describe and illustrate the threats from a range of volcanoes and earthquakes.
Lava flows- this is when liquid rock is expelled from the crown of the volcano. Depending on the viscosity of
the lava, depends on the rate of movement of the lava. The viscosity, in itself is influenced by the
temperature, the silica content and the volcano's slope.
What is silica content?
Silica is SiO2 ­silicon and oxygen. Silicon and oxygen are the most abundant (common) dissolved gases in magma.…read more

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Areal extent-the surrounding area that is directly affected. This varies depending on the magnitude and
location of the hazard.
5. Speed of onset-this is time taken for the tectonic event to take effect.
E.g. the super volcano Yellowstone would take over a year to erupt.
What is the world's deadliest tectonic disaster?
LOCATION: Shaaxi, central China.
DEATHS: 1 million.
DATE: January 1556.…read more

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Types of plate boundaries on a tectonic map
You need to know the structure of the Earth and the location of the
major tectonic plates and plate boundaries.…read more

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Illustrate the different types of plate boundary: convergent, divergent and transform
Convergent is the new term for destructive (GCSE
term) plate boundary.
The plates move towards each other.
Due to descending convection currents in the
The oceanic crust is denser than continental crust and
so when they converge the oceanic plate is subducted
in the asthenosphere beneath the continental plate.
This melts approximately 100km below the surface.…read more

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PHYSICAL IMPACTS-it was a previously unknown strike-slip fault and liquefaction was widespread: elevated by
rupturing water pipes.
HUMAN IMPACTS-$16 NZ, half of buildings were destroyed and the Canterbury Christchurch television building
killed 85 people.
TECTONIC PROOF-the AMI stadium had strengthened foundations as a result of the September 2010
earthquake but it did not withstand. Geonet detects earthquakes and the Earthquake Commission was
established to provide insurance.…read more

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January 2010 earthquake.
Slip of Enriquillo Plaintain Garden fault (locked for 200 years)
LOCATION-Port-au-Prince (capital and most densely populated area), Haiti
PHYSICAL IMPACTS-5.9 aftershock, 20 million m3 of rubble-5% cleared
HUMAN IMPACTS-230,000 dead, 1 million homeless and 3 million people affected. Small businesses were
essential for Haiti's economy and they lost everything, they couldn't afford the rent after the damage but there
are still 100,000 reusable buildings. 1/5 jobs lost and ½ million remained in tents-Oxfam-January 2012.…read more


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