Handel 'And the Glory of the Lord' Introduction GCSE Edexcel Music



  • He was born in 1685, in Germany.
  • He lived in italy for some time but spent most of his time in the UK, in London.
  • He was born in the same year as J.S. Bach.
  • He wrote a lot of operas- Italy is famous for its operas.
  • He also wrote the 'Water Music' for King George I of England in 1730s.
  • His operas became less popular when he turned to oratorios.
  • He died in 1759, about 250 years ago, in London.
  • He was buried in Westminister Abbey.


  • Often in Italian.
  • Uses scenery and costumes.
  • Handel wrote 41 of these.
  • Usually performed in theatres.


Samuel Richardson


A very useful set of notes on the context for Handel's 'And the Glory of The Lord'. Use these notes as a good introduction for revision.