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G.F Handel: Chorus: `And the glory of the Lord' from the
oratorio Messiah (1742)
The Baroque era (c.1600-1750)
The baroque period was known for its new exploration of ideas and innovations in the arts,
literature and philosophy. Italy was at the centre of this.

One prominent feature in the baroque…

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Messiah is one of the most well known oratorios. The libretto (words/text of a musical work) is
in three main pars telling the story of the birth, death and resurrection of Jesus.

Part 1: consists of prophecies foretelling of arrival of Messiah, it includes texts taken from
Old Testament…

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Handel wrote this oratorio in the summer of 1941 in 24 days! It was first performed in Dublin in
1942 and later in London in 1943-the London audience didn't particularly like the piece.

The piece was meant to be performed in a concert hall despite it being a biblical piece.…


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