Edexcel GCSE Music- And the Glory of the Lord

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1741 Handel `And the Glory of the
Lord' from Messiah
4th movement of work, 1st
Style and periodic Baroque period
features First performed in Dublin in 1942
Covent garden theatre in England- 1943
Key features of baroque period
Ornamented melodies
Use of diatonic chords
Basso continuo( cello and harpsichord)
Terraced dynamics
Baroque orchestra led by harpsichord
Establishment of major and minor key
system which replaced modes
Pieces express certain moods
Messiah tells the story of the: birth, death and
resurrection of Jesus.
Oboes and bassoons were added later on
doubling string and vocal parts.
Melody 4 main motifs:
`And the glory the glory of the lord'
First 3 notes outline Triad of A major &
stepwise scale ending
Setting of the words is mainly syllabic
`Shall be re-veal-ed'
2x 1 bar descending sequence
Melismatic setting of the word `revealed'
Repetitive idea
`And all flesh shall see it together'
Repetitive idea consisting of:
3 Statements of descending 4th idea
Because it is repeated it gives the impression
of a firm statement

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For the mouth of the lord hath spoken it'
Long repeated notes(dotted minims)
Doubled by tenors and bases
Long notes emphasise the conviction of
words(`the lord hath spoken it')
Dynamics Terraced dynamics which was common for the
baroque period.
The editors added in most of the dynamics
Handel used texture and orchestration to
mimic dynamics. changing
Loud ending.…read more

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The mood (affect) of this piece is of praise and
No minor keys are used as this would make the
piece sound sad.
Harmony Chords are mostly within the key
Plagal cadence at the end to make the piece
sound finished.(4-1)
Perfect cadences are also used (bar 14)
Not much dissonance throughout although
there was some (bar 56)
Instrumentation 2 violins Oboes and bassoon were added later on
1 viola doubling string and vocal parts.…read more


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