Great Gatsby Chapter 7

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Preoccupied with his affair with Daisy Gatsby refrains from holding any parties. He fires his sevants and replaces with a shady workforce that have a connection with Wolfsheim

The summer weather reaches an all time peek.ick drives to East Egg for lunch at the house of Tom and Daisy. He finds Gatsby and Jordan Baker there as well. When the nurse brings in Daisy’s baby girl, Gatsby is stunned and can hardly believe that the child is real.

Daisy is vaguely interested in the child but hardly seems engaged. Toms catches Gatsby and Daisy hsaring passionate stares.

Itching for a confrontation, Tom seizes upon Daisy’s suggestion that they should all go to New York together. Nick rides with Jordan and Tom in Gatsby’s car, and Gatsby and Daisy ride together in Tom’s car.

They stop at Wilsons garage here he offer Gatsby's car to wilson. While an unseen Myrtle mistakes Jordan for Daisy, George has discovered his wife's infidelity

In the oppressive New York City heat, the group decides to take a suite at the Plaza Hotel. Tom initiates his planned confrontation with Gatsby by mocking his habit of calling people “old sport.”He goads him about his allged time spent at oxford

The wedding march plays in the background

The quarrel over a passive Daisy, where Gatsby's bootlegging is revealed

Realizing he has bested Gatsby, Tom sends Daisy back to Long Island with Gatsby to prove Gatsby’s inability to hurt him. As the


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