Gatsby revision cards chapter 3, 4 and 5

What are the 3 most significant events in chapter 3?
Beginning: Nick receives an invite to Gatsby's party Middle: Gatsbys party/Meeting of Gatsby End: Car crash + insight into nicks personal life
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What is THE most significant event in chapter 3?
Meeting the protagonist: Gatsby
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Name 1 structural point in chapter 3?
At the end of the chapter, Fitzgerald uses Nick to distance the reader to a wider aspect of the story, goes to present tense - removed
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Give 3 significant building blocks in chapter 3
Characterisation, Scenes+ places, Destionation and Ideology
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Give 3 themes conveyed in chapter 3
Wealth, carelessness, extravagance
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What is Homodiegetic narrator?
A narrator which also participates in the story they are telling - Nick is an example of this, Also Jordan Baker
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What is a Diegesis?
The fictional world the narrative takes place in, for example: West + East egg, Valley of Ashes form part of The Great Gatsbys diegesis.
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Define 'Lexis'
A Lexis is a fancy word for vocab or words.
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Give significant quotes for chapter 3
Beginning:'Signed J.Gatsby in a majestic hand' Middle:'if 1 book was removed the whole library was liable to collapse'(symbolic)'champagne was served in glasses bigger than finger bowls''Im Gatsby' End:'violently shorn of 1 wheel, rested a new coupe'
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Name 3 significant events in chapter 4
Beginning: Party gossip - name list Middle: Gatsby explains his past, meet wolfsheim End: Jordan and Nicks moment of romance
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What is THE most significant event in chapter 4?
Being informed of Gatsby's past through Jordan Bakers narration
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Name 3 significant building blocks in chapter 4
Characterisation, Destination and ideology, Points of view
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What is the ultimate structural point of chapter 4 in you opinion?
Jordan bakers narration revealing lots of unanswered questions
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List at least 2 themes conveyed in chapter 4
love, crime/corruption, extravagance
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List 3 significant quotes for chapter 4
Beginning:'crystal glass' 'The Fishguards and the Ripley Snells' Middle: 'I was brought up in the Middle West' 'Educated at Oxford''He's the man who fixed the world series''she dressed in white' End:'i drew her up again closer, this time to my face'
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Name 2 or 3 significant events of chapter 5 please
Beginning: Gatsby and Daisy and re-united!! Middle: Nick walks out and changes subject to the history of Gatsby's house End: Gatsby shows off his wealth to Daisy
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What is structurally significant about chapter 5?
Chapter 5 is exactly the middle of the novel, heart of the story. Gap in the narrative as nick walks out the house at a pinnacle moment.
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What is THE most significant event in chapter 5?
Gatsby re-uniting with Daisy
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What is the most obvious symbol in chapter 5 and what does it represent? - Comment on one other symbol also.
pathetic fallacy!!! Represents the changing mood of Gatsby throughout the Chapter, provides a sense of hope. Comment on time symbol - clock
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Name 2 building blocks used by shakey in chapter 5
Scenes and places, Characterisation
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List as many themes conveyed in chapter 5 as possible
love, wealth, American dream, extravagance (illusion of grandure - shirts)
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How has characterisation been used to present Gatsby differently in chapter v5?
The OXYMORON 'suppressed eagerness' to show Gatsby hiding his excitement and worry from Nick -empathy from audience as G viewed as lovesick. Contrasts wealthy facade to win daisy 'white flannel suit''silver shirt''gold coloured tie'
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Give at least 3 quotes to support the events of chapter 5
'the clock took this moment to *** dangerously' 'he was running around like an overwound clock' 'pouring rain' 'now it was again a green light on a dock' 'Heres a lot of clippings - about you'' 'twinkling bells of sunshine' 'into the rain'(end)
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What is THE most significant event in chapter 3?


Meeting the protagonist: Gatsby

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Name 1 structural point in chapter 3?


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Give 3 significant building blocks in chapter 3


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Give 3 themes conveyed in chapter 3


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