The Great Gatsby chapter four

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  • The Great Gatsby, chapter 4
    • Summary
      • Nick talks about all the people that attended Gatsby's parties over the summer and a trip to New York Nick had with Gatsby
      • Gatsby tells Nick about coming from a wealthy family where both his parents have died, attending university at oxford and being given many medals during WW1 amoung other achievements
        • When Gatsby see's Nick look like he finds the stories improbable Gatsby pulls out a medal and a picture of him playing cricket in Oxford.
      • They go to see Wolfschiem, who claims he was responsible for fixing the 1919 world series
        • Wolfschiem gives the impression that Gatsby earnt his money through illegal shadey underground dealings
      • After dinner Nick meets Jordan who tell him about what Gatsby had told her
        • Gatsby is in love with Daisy and moved to west egg to be near Daisy
          • Nick realises the green light is the light at the end of Daisy's dock
        • Gatsby wants Nick to organise a reunion between Daisy and Gatsby; to invite Daisy to tea with knowledge of Gatsby's attendance.
    • Chapter 4 highlights interest in Gatsbys history
      • We are unsure in whether or not to believe Gatsby's stories, as is Nick but accept there must be some truth after seeing the medal and photograph
        • Nick's description of Gatsby as a 'character' highlights Gatsby's strange role as an actor,
        • still unsure of whether or not its part of his charade, just like the uncut books in the library, the evidence Gatsby provides may just show the extreme extent Gatsby is willing to go to to uphold his persona
          • Gaatsby myth vs. Gatsby reality
    • Wolfschiem is the first time we link Gatsby with negativity
      • For Gatsby to know such shadey characters puts him in question as t whether he too is involved in organised crime
        • Setting of the Great Gatsby; trying to capture the essence of america in 1920's. The increase of wealth in the general public due to the stock market and bootlegging, added to pleasure seeking and a sense of abandonment of morality that permeate The Great Gatsby
          • For Gatsby, who seems to be the wealthiest man of the novel, to be involved in bootleg alcohol, just adds to the perfect personification of America in the 1920's
    • On the other hand to being a criminal, Jordan shows Gatsby to be a lovesick innocent young soldier who is trying to get his love back.
      • The bizarre inner conflict Nick feels towards Gatsby's with contradictory views of repulsion and admiration, become fully apparent, and we begin to understand as we learn with Nick abotu Gatsby.
    • Chapter also illuminates what Gatsby was yearning for- the green light. is at the end of Daisy's dock.
      • Yearning for Daisy and the charade he puts on is to impress her
      • The green light is the American dream that Gatsby very almost has, He has the wealth, the party, the looks, the name. all he needs is the family.
        • the green light is just out of his reach but he still tries for it, the green light is Daisy. The missing piece in the perfect American dream.


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