The Great Gatsby Chapter 3


The Great Gatsby Chapter 3 

Section A i ( AO2 Narrative Methods)

Section A ii (AO1. AO3, AO4) 

What is chapter 3 about ?

Opening - Description of Gatsbys parties outside are given. Every saturday night, Gatsby throws these incredibly luxurious parties at his mansion. 

Middle- Nick recieves an invitation for one (he is the only one to get an invitation). At the party, he feels out of place and notes that the party is full of people who have not been invited and appear to be "aggonizing". Nick hears that Gatsby hears more rumours like hes a german spy etc..

Jordan Baker is also at the party, Nick and Jordan go into Gatsbys library and meet owl eyes. Nick and Jordan then sit outside and enjoy the part, Nick starts a conversation with the man next to him. The man looks familiar to Nick and they realise they…


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