chapter 4 of great gatsby key things

Nick's first impression of Gatsby was his boundless hope for the future. Chapter Four does concern itself largely around the mysterious question of Gatsby's past.

Gatsby's description of his background seems to be like a daunting puzzle to Nick. Though he rattles off a seemingly far-fetched account of his heroic exploits and grand upbringings, Gatsby produces what appears to be a proof of his story.

Having luncheon with Wolfsheim gives Nick his first unpleasant impression that Gatsby's fortune may not have been obtained honestly. Nick perceives that if Gatsby has connections with shady characters like Wolfsheim then he may be involved in an organized crime or bootlegging,

Jordan's story paints Gatsby as a young, innocent and love-struck soldier who desperately tries to win the woman of his dreams.

As well as shedding light on Gatsby's past, Chapter Four illuminates a matter of great personal meaning for Gatsby. The object of his hope is the green light which he reaches.

Gatsby's love for Daisy is a source of his romantic hopelessness and is a yearning for the green light which is shown in chapter one. The green light becomes a symbol of Gatsby's dream, his love for Daisy and his attempt in making that love real.

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