The Great Gatsby chapter five


The Great Gatsby- Chapter 5 Analysis


Nick returns home from the City and is surprised to see Gatsbys house with every light on but appears empty, Gatsby startles Nick and seems to be trying significantly hard to please Nick- Nick realises Gatsby is nervous to see if Nick will agree to help with his plan. Nick says he will help reunite him with Daisy. Gatsby is overjoyed and offers to get someone to cut Nicks grass and if Nick wants to be involved in some business Gatsby is involveled in (not realted to Wolfsciem). Nick is slightly offended that Gatsby was offering to pay for Nick's help and refuses Gatsby's offers. It rains on the day of the gathering. When Daisy enters the house Gatsby has gone, but then knocks at the front door after walking around the house in the rain. At first the meeting is awkward, Gatsby accidently knocks Nicks clock over and tells Nick the meeting was a mistake. Nick leaves the two alone, Nick returns to find them happy. They all go to Gatsby's house where Gatsby throws his expensive shirts around and Daisy begins to cry at how she has never seen such beautiful shirts. Nick wonders if Daisy will ever be able to live to Gatsby's expectations of her.


Chapter 5 is a


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