Great Gatsby Chapter 5

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Nick returns from date with Jordan. Gatsby's mansion is lit up and he approaches him while tentatively trying to please him

Makes preparations for his tea with Daisy

Rains on day of the meeting and Gatsby is nervous.His renunion with Daisy is awkward.

Nick reveals the previous owners of Gatsby's mansion were snobbish eccentrics ('obstinate about peasantry') who owned a brewery. They offered to pay taxes for all the neighbouring houses in the village if they agreed to get rid of their thached roofs.Their refusal drove them to sell the house. A maid is seen spitting out of the window.

Nick leaves and returns half an hour later to find them exhuberantly happy with Gatsby radiating happiness and Daisy weeping tears of joy

The gloomy weather lifts and Gatsby invites them to his mansion where Daisy is visibly overwhlmed by the extent of his luxurious lifestyle swathed in rose and lavender silk, who claims he fills his house with 'interesting people', the house still seems to resonate the after math of his swanky parties such as Killspringer, the 'boarder'.

Gatsby lack of actual want of material wealth is revealed as he seems to revalue his possesion through Daisy's response to them. Daisy cries…


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