Great Gatsby Chapter 3

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Gatsby invites Nick to one of his elaborate parties.Guests mill about sharing incredulous rumors abou the unseen enigmatic host.

Nick runs into Jordan Baker

Guests marvel at his immense riches, liquor flows freely and his swirl of guest turn into a roaring menagerie

In the atmosphere of opulence Nick and Jordan set out to find their host

Run into a hung over Owl eyed spectacle man at the library who pores over and revels in Gatsby's unread collections of prized books

They return to the party where Nick falls into conversation with a young man who recognises him from serving in the same division during the war

Man revealed to be Jay Gatsby, whose speech is overtly formal and has a habit of referring to everyone as 'old sport'

Nick is fascinated with gatsby as he is a recluse from the party and refains from drinking

Watches the crowds of people in silence. Jordan talks to gatsby, says she has heard something extraordinary.

Nick leaves, saying goodbye to gatsby, who is taking a business call from Philedelphia. On his way home he witnessesOwl Eyes and another man climb out of the wrecked automobile, and Owl Eyes drunkenly declares that he washes his hands of the whole business.

Nick emphasizes that the party was a outstanding event in his summer. He divulges that he enjoys the thrill


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