Great Gatsby- Chapter 1


Narrative perspective/ voices: 

P- First person narrator, Carraway- biased perspective. Novel about novel

E- 'In my younger and more...' page 1

 'When I looked once more for Gatsby...' last page of chapter

E- tone of a 'memoir'-  take on his life that summer, Gatsby's life. Brief, fragmented introduction to Gatsby ('When I looked once more for Gatsby he had vanished, and I was alone again in the unquiet darkness'). Makes him seem aloof and enigmatic- easier for the reader to throw themselves into novel when background story is finally revealed.

L-  Distant link between Carraway and Gatsby, we follow Gatsby's moves carefully before we have even met him;his life was always under intense scrutiny because he didn't have the old wealth prestige of the other characters.


P- Fitzgerald makes a link between setting and morality, insight into the personality of the characters

E- Mid West- old fashioned and hardworking values; 'the Carraways are 'prominent, well-to-do'. Dishonest…


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