GCSE Music - AoS 3 - "All Blues" Key Features

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All Blues-Miles Davies

From the album "Kind of Blue", released in 1959.

Tempo: In 6/4  - Jazz Waltz. Played at a moderate pace, stays the same throughout

Tonality: In the key of G. Improvisations are modal


  • Trumpet - Miles Davies
  • Alto sax -  Cannonball Adderley
  • Tenor Sax - John Coltrane
  • Piano - Bill Evans
  • Double Bass - Paul Chambers
  • Drums - Jimmy Cobb

Texture: The rhythm section remain simple and repetitive throughout, so they don't distract from the soloist. The saxes play a simple riff in 3rds during the head, but most of the piece consists purely of soloist with rhythm section accompaniment.

Timbre: The overall timbre is mellow and subdued

  • Trumpet is muted in the head
  • Drums are played with brushes


  • Improvisations are based on overall tonality-scales or modes, rather than improvising over the chord changes. This gives the soloist more freedom
  • More tuneful melodies than some other Jazz at the time, playing more lyrically rather than lots of fast runs
  • During solos many different techniques are used,


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