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Newcastle Great Park

Newcastler Great Park is a major housing and commercial development that has been built on a Greenfield site in its green belt.

Greenfield site - land that has never been built on before.

Green belt - an area of land that is protected by law from development

It is located in the North of England, next to Gosforth. The government gave special permission for this development to go ahead, including the developers (Persimmons homes) although it became a controversial issue for conservationists, environmentalists, home owners and some urban planners who disagree with the scheme.

Arguments for NGP...

> 2,500 new homes will be created which is useful for rich residents and generating income for the developers.

> There will be space dedicated to commercial development which could generate jobs. The £50m headquaters for Newcastle computer group, Saga, has been completed - it is expected the software firm's building will provide jobs for 1,500 workers within two years.

> There is an intergrated transport


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