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Urban morphology in the UK and developing world cities

Urban areas in the UK usually have specific land uses for specific areas, which can be referred
to as urban zones.
Many British cities have 3 zones- a CBD in the centre, an inner city around the CBD and on…

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Developing world cities

The layout in a developing city is much more different and irregular, as land uses are less-well
split apart.
This is due to the fact that any planning controls are much less regulated and also to
explosive population growth which means that newcomers use any available land.…

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In the UK, the agricultural revolution of the 18th century started to provide surplus food. This
allowed people to move to towns and buy the surplus food from farmers.
People moved for jobs in new industries e.g. mines, shipyards and basic factories (textiles +
steel) starting the industrial revolution.

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Nobody else wants the land that the squatters are on e.g. swamp of marshland which means
that people can't build on it and it has disease, rubbish dumps, steep slopes and polluted
industrial land.
Aided self-help is becoming more popular. This is because of tourism (shanty town tours),
political revolutions…

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The housing problem is somewhat different from the normal problems as there are no
shantytowns so brick houses are illegally built on land by the Nile which has been set aside
for food.
These houses cover 80% of Greater Cairo with around 2-3 million people living in the cities of…

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Economic factors (no money so cheap housing e.g. Brixton)
Dress (everyone the same or you feel stupid e.g. Burkhas +people who wear really different
clothes could be abused)
Political reasons (governments can force it e.g. Nazi ghettoes or governments can affect the
number of migrants and can stop…

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Lots of space
You don't have to clear anything
No strict building regulations

Disadvantages of Greenfield sites

Less accessible as not normally in the city
Protests about tarmacking the countryside.

Greenbelt is land which the government tries to protect with heavy planning regulations.
Greenbelt land is usually on an area…

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Mayor Jame Lerner believes in small cheap changes believed in by the people.
It uses a recycling and garbage collection separated into organic waste and inorganic waste.
UN gave the city highest recycling award for its scheme.
Enough waste is collected for 7 skyscrapers each day.
The city has a…


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