From Neurone to Brain 7

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There are 2 simple rules for synaptic modification, 

1.Presynaptic axon is active and at the same time the postsynaptic neuron is strongly activated under the influence of other inputs. The synapse formed by the presynaptic axon is strengthened.

Hebb's hypothesis is that neurons that fire together wire together.

2. Presynaptic axon is active and the post synaptic neuron is weakly activated then the synapse formed by presynaptic axon is weakened i.e. neurons that fire out of sync lose their link.

Synapses are validated based on their ability to participate in the firing of their postsynaptic partner.

Post synaptic glutamate gated ion channels allow the passage of positively charged ions into the post synaptic cell and can be either AMPA…


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