Foreign Policy in Gladstone's 2nd Ministry (1880-1885)

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Gladstone's foreign policy aimed at promoting peace to help reduce expenditures and taxation, and enhance trade. However, Gladstone's foreign policy was less successful than his domestic policies. 

Main Foreign Policy Issues

  • Afghanistan                                                                                                                               Significant to Britain because of its proximity to India. In 1879 Disraeli had sent troops into Afghanistan to prevent Russian influence in the country. However, Gladstone in 1880 withdrew them. This is a very accurate summary of Gladstone's ethical and moral view of foreign policy. As soon as Gladstone became Prime Minister pulled the troops out and replaced Sir Edward lytton as Viceroy of India. Gladstone was initially criticized as weakness, but relations with Afghanistan improved. However, in 1885 there was a crisis when the Russians seized the Afghan village of Penjdeh. Gladstone warned the Russians that Britain would not tolerate such aggression and they withdrew. Gladstone showed that he could be firm when he felt that international morality had been violated. 
  • Transvaal                                      


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