Gladstone 1880-85

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  • Gladstone 1880-1885
    • What were the 3-5 main areas of Social/Domestic policy?
      • Corrupt practices Act 1883. Tackles election campaign abuses.
      • Parliamentary Reform Act 1884 and the Redistribution of Seats Act 1885. 2 million voters added, and vote extended to Ireland. Boroughs with less than 15000 people had no MPs less than 50000 had one.
      • Marries Women's Property Act 1882. Allowed women to own property in their own right post marriage.
    • What were the 3-5 main areas of Foreign Policy.
      • Messy handling of Transvaal. Didnt give them independence as promised, when they revolted and killed 100 british Gladstone did give them independence, public wanted revenge for dead.
      • When Arabi Pasha and his army looked like they would depose Tewfik and seize Suez canal joint British and French force showed up. French withdrew however Gladstone has Alexandria shelled for 12 hours and invaded thereafter. Destroyed Pasha and his army and appointed Sir Evelyn Baring as Consul-General of Egypt
      • Sudan. Mahdi raised a near national rebellion, G-stone sympathetic, sent General Charles Gordon to organise evacuation of troops, Gordon stayed and requested troops, Gladstone hesitated and when he eventually sent troops to aid Gordon they were two days too late. became known as MOG (Murderer of Gordon)
    • What was their Policy towards Ireland?
      • Irish Coercion Act 1881. granted police extra powers to deal with violence.
      • Second Irish Land Bill 1881 granted 3 F's. Fixed tenancies Freedom to sell and Fair rents, many Irish thought this came too late.
      • Kilmainham treaty 1882 to try and stop land league violence. Phoenix park murders undermined this.
    • How popular was this ministry?
      • Public was angry because of Phoenix Park murders, weakness in Transvaal and the mess in the Sudan.
      • Party still divided over Irish question, whigs were against land reforms in Ireland. some politicians i.e. Joseph Chamberlain didnt think G-stone was radical enough
    • What were the main reasons for this Ministry being Elected?
    • What were the main reasons for this Ministry ending?
      • Gladstones resignation following a defeat vote in the HOC.
      • He lost a lot of public support and Irish National MPs believed they Conservatives may grant them more reforms.
    • What were the overriding priorities for this ministry? did they achieve their aims?
      • Wanted to "clear up Disraeli's Mess" Gladstone handled Transvaal terribly, and pulled troops out of Afghan much to public resent


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