A2 Level British History




1859 to 1865

October 1865

June 1866

1867 - The Second Reform Act

February 1868

December 1868

Ballot Act 1872


Education Reforms (1869 - 1871)

Social Reform 1871 - 1872

Other Reforms

Irish Reforms 1869 - 1873

The Home Rule Party


Disraeli Reforms

Land League and Land War

Foreign Policy under Gladstone and Disraeli 


Domestic Reforms

Why does Gladstone achieve very little?

Gladstone's 2nd Land Act

Corrupt and Illegal Practices Act 1883

Third Reform Act 1884/1885


Gladstone and Parnell (1885/86)

The First Home Rule Bill 1886

Chamberlain and the Empire (1895-1905)

2nd Boer War 1899 - 1902

Why did the Tories dominate the period from 1886 to 1906?

Salisbury's Government 1895 - 1902

"Constructive Unionism"

Balfour's Government 1902 to 1905

Fall of Balfour's Government and Liberal Landslide 1906

Liberal Government 1906-1915

1909 Budget

Home Rule Crisis 1910 - 1914

Impact of 1911

Home Rule after 1911

Home Rule in 1914

How secure were the Liberals in 1914?


Megan K


Possibly the most helpful and informative revision source for the AQA course 'British state and its people 1865 - 1915'. It has a great deal of information, but I would put more statistics, and less opinions, but this is just preference. Secondly, some parts I do not think fit well into the timeline frame (like 'why did Gladstone achieve little?') and may be better presented in a different format (ie revision cards.) nonetheless, an excellent revision source!

Bethan Chainey


Awesome resource,super helpful! Thanks :D