Forces opposing Italian Unification

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The Vienna Settlement 1815:
Put together by Metternich invloving dominance in the states by Austria and restoration of reactionary rule.
~Lombardy and Venice ruled by the Austrian Emporer
~Piedmont & Sardinia ruled by Victor Emmanuel I
~The Papal Sates ruled by Pope Pius VII (Austrian troops stationed)
~The Central Duchies ruled by Duke Ferdinand III, Marie-Louise and Duke Francis IV
~Naples and Sicily ruled by King Ferdinand I

Austria and Metternich:
After the outbreak of…



I thought this was a really good start, but you're missing things like the:
Pope - how he was against the rising of the "isms" - nationalism, socialism etc.
        - His allocution "Prisoner in the Vatican".
        Excommunication - anyone whom did not listen to him/word of God would be kickd out of Catholic faith.

Religion - North was Catholic
             - South Protestant.

No nationalist feeling.

No real leader - until Emmanuel.

But you had points I hadn't thought of which was great! :)

Matt Lanter's the best!! :)



Thanks, James, you're points are really helpful and things that I hadn't even considered :)

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