food technology

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lean meats,liver, seafood, green leafy vegetables, and legumes . haem iron is supplied by meats, fish and chicken. Non-haem can be assisted by eating foods in Vitamin C.


Wholegrain cereaks, dried beans, peas and lentils , tofu, dried fruits and green leafy vegetables. Rich in Vitamin C to assist iron absorption in the body. Some Vegetarians (ovo vegetarians) include milk products and eggs in the diet.

did you know

teenagers and athletes are at risk of iron defiency because of :

Skipping meals


high level of physical activityrapid growth


the overall daily food needs of adolescents should be based on the four food groups as recommended in the Food and Nutrition guidelines- adapted to the needs of todays active adolesents . Below are the guidelines for this age group.


Treats are not included as…






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