Fats and Oils

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Six Main Types of Fats and Oils

  • Butter is made from churning cream
  • Margarine is made from vegetable oils blended with other substances (modified stach, water, emulsifiers etc.
  • Lard is made from pig fat
  • Suet is made from the fat which protects animals' vital organs.
  • Oils come from pressed seeds (e.g. **** seed, sunflower seed)
  • Low-fat spreads are emulsions of vegetable oils (usually hydrogenated) and water

Uses in Pastries and Biscuits

  • Adding flavour - butter in shortbread and pastry makes them taste fantastic.
  • Shortening - rubbing fat into flour helps prevent gluten from being produced and makes pastry and biscuits "short".
  • Adding colour - butter in pastry makes it golden yellow.

Uses in other products

  • Cooking - deep frying (e.g. fish and chips) and shallow frying (e.g. eggs).
  • Enriching…


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