Fats and oils

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  • Fats and Oils
    • What are fats and oils?
      • Fats in the diet is important for health and wellbeing
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      • Both have similar chemical structure and functions
      • 'Lipids' is a general term for both fats and oils
      • Fats are high in calories
      • Excess fat in the diet is stored as body fat
      • Our fat intake should be no more than 35% of our total energy intake
    • Uses of fats and oils
      • Adds colour and shine
      • Gives shortening ability to a mixture and changes the texture
        • Fats give shortbread its characteristics crumbly and short textured
      • Oils from an emulsion with liquids such as vinegar e.g salad dressing
      • Acts as a cooking medium for roasting foods e.g Chicken
      • Adds distinct flavours and odours to foods
      • Prevents lumps of flour forming in a sauce
    • Saturated fats
      • Mainly found in animal products
      • Are solid at room temperature
      • Too much saturated fats in the diet has been linked to high blood cholesterol
        • Leading to an increased risk of coronary heart disease, diabetes and obesity
    • Types of fat
      • Suet - made from the fat that protects animals vital organs
      • Lard - made from pigs fat
      • Butter - made from churning cream
      • Margarine - made from vegetable oils blended with additives and emulsifiers...
      • Oils - from pressed seeds
      • Low fat spreads- are emulsions of vegetable oils usually hydrogenated and water
    • Functions of fat in the diet
      • Fat is a source of energy
      • Fats provide fatty acids which are essential to the structure and function of body cells
      • Helps insulates the body against the cold
      • Source of vitamins A,D,E and K
    • Sources
      • Plants- avocado, peanuts sesame seeds
      • Fat comes from both plants and animal sources
      • Animals- meat, lard , tuna and butter
    • Unsaturated fats
      • Mainly come from vegetable sources
      • liquids at room temperature
      • Main oil used in cooking are:
        • Corn
        • Rapeseed
        • Olive oil
        • Peanut
        • Sunflour




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