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Fats and oils
By Hannah-may Whiteing…read more

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Fat is an important component for a healthy diet. We need fat in
our diets because;
It insulates us and keeps us warm
It protects your organs such as your kidneys
Fat can be stored in the body till needed. When food
consumption is restricted the fat already in the body is converted
into energy.
Vitamins A, D, E and k are fat soluble meaning that they can only
be absorbed and transported in conjunction with fats.
Fat is needed for healthy skin and hair and cells.…read more

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However Fat is very energy dense it has 9 calories per gram and has double the
amount of calories per gram compared to carbohydrates or protein. It is recommended
that around 30% of our diet should be made up of fat. Teenagers are recommended
to eat 40-80 grams of fat a day. We should try not to eat too much fat as too much can
make us become obese.
A mc Donald's double
sausage and egg
mcmuffin contains 34
grams of fat!…read more

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Fats and oils are made from glycerol and fatty
acids. The fatty acids are either saturated or
The 3 kinds of Fats................
Polyunsaturated…read more

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Saturated fats
Saturated Fats are often solid at room temperature, they have
single hydrogen ­ carbon bonds.
Saturated fats are known to be bad fats as they can increase
blood cholesterol which can lead to heart disease and other heart
Saturated fats are the least digestible kind of fat and the type of fat
most likely to make you overweight.
Experts say that only around 8% of our fat intake should come
from saturated fat.
Saturated fats are also found in hard margarines that are formed
by the 'hydrogenation' of vegetable oils. Hydrogenation increases
the shelf-life of food, but it also creates trans fats (trans-fatty acids)
that are harmful for health. Hydrogenated margarine or butter is
often used for making cakes, biscuits and pastry.…read more

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Food containing saturated fats
Full fat milk
Most commercially
baked products such as
biscuits, buns and pastries
Most deep fried foods
Most `fast foods'
Coconut oil
Palm oil
Ice cream
Sour cream
Suet…read more

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jill richardson


Attractive presentation on fats and oils with some good advice and a cute pig at the end!




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