types of fats

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  • Types of fats
    • Animal fat
      • Butter - from milk (80-90% fat)
      • Animal suet - from cows
      • Lard - from pigs
      • Traditional high in saturated fats
    • Margarine
      • Has the same total amount of fat as butter but with less saturated fat
      • Can contain both animal and vegetable fats and is between 80-90%
    • Oils
      • Contain 100% fat
      • Most contain unsaturated sats from vegetable sources
    • White fats
      • Made from oils and can be used to replace lard
      • can be used to make pastry and for frying
      • The consistency can vary
      • Some have air added to make them softer and easier to combine with ingredients
    • Spreads and low-fat spreads
      • Spreads have a lower fat content than butter or margarine
      • The % of water in these  is higher
      • Often can't be used for cooking so the labels on these products need to be read carefully
      • Often fortified with vitamins A+D but not required by law


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