F104TEC Cladding

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Employ the criteria used in selection and considerations used to distinguish

cladding is selected early on, as part of the arcitectural concept

the NORMAL considerations



  • APPEARANCE: create a particular impression many available materials rendering is susceptable to cracks moderistic look highly popular
  • COST: limited budget will affect choice will suit all budgets from rough brick (rendered) to high class stone materials will be more expensive although the speed of installation is a cost consideration in other aspects
  • WEIGHT:Heavy cladding will affect the cost of the frame, large panels will be impractical on small sites or with no cranage will be problematic on sites with large units or no cranage specilised glass will increase weight
  • ROBUSTNESS: Vulnerability to vandilism/impact damage lightweight at top brick plinth at ground level susceptalbe to damage at low levels  Masonry is very robust and most likely used at ground levels.
  • DURABILTITY: Cheap installation balanced against anticipated life span or maintenance costs some masonry is more vulnerable than others soft stone and mortar aided by the use of water sheeding materials e.g. coping stones cracks in render will let in water and is prone to sulphate attact stoved finish which is currently popular lasts for 20 years other systems


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