Building Design

Building Design

Factors influencing Design

Final Design(client brief and expectations) ,regulations, standards, manufacturer guidance, traditional practices,cost, technical feasability, safety implications

Criteria for selection

  • Appearance- the creation of of an impression
  • Cost - budget will affect certain materials and assemblies
  • Weight- effect it will have on other components
  • Fire - resistance to fire combustability
  • Durability the balance of installation costs with maintenance and lifespan
  • Loads ability to carry its own weight and resistance to wind loads & impact
  • Relationships with other components connectors that can be used accuracy
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Theory behind design

ensures Design has structure, that it can be quantified and qualitfied in producing a well designed building

Cyclical process of analysis, synthesis and appraisal

  • developing factors, marrying them with other building processes, building in cost, technical feasabilty and safety implications.

this process can go through stages until the final compromise is reached.

it is important be bear in mind cost implications and time expended

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RIBA Plan of work

Breaking down of projects into manageable tasks relevant tasks in design a-e it can assist with fee structure and stages to work to.what the role of the plan of work acheives in a project. uniform approach to the design and construction process and assisting in the management of the building project

A - Appraisal and identification of client requirements, decision to proceed, likely procurement method

B - development of client requirements into design brief, procurement method and range of consultants required

C- Concept Design including preparation of structural elements and services

D- Development of concept to include structural elements and services design

E- Preparation of technical drawings and specifications

continuation based on a traditional procurement method with full design

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Factors included in a design brief

specifically included in point B of the RIBA plan of work


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