F104TEC Substructure

Site Investigation

Primary objective of a site investigation- to determine ground conditions of a site- how they might affect design and contruction. there must always be an investigation- to what degree is the question

primary objectives requiring a site investigation

how economically the building can be constructed; foundations being the significant factor; evaluation of alternative methods of contruction;remedial work or extensions to existing buildings; sites with poor/challanging conditions (slope stability)

investigation must have some flexability built in due variable nature of a site

primary objectives required from a site investigation

site access, geotechnical parameters-safety, soil conditions, information attained to acheive economical construction ground water conditions, type of geo technical material; impact on surrounding area.

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Soil Improvement

Wellpoint system 'controling ground water' during construction. It would be best to avoid ground use in these areas, if cannot be avoided ground control is necessary.

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Choice of foundation

Influencing factors

Likely failure due to inappropriate identification of soil conditions and/or design relative to soil conditions.

corrective design factors and construction methods required

  • ensure foundation is at correct level
  • ensure it is designed to carry the appropriate loads
  • ensure adequate thickness and reinforcement is specified and constructed

Differential settlement caused by unequal soil conditions on site

  • stepped foundations, soil improvement

Cost and time and other influencing factors eg, access, neighbouring buildings, safety-  will all be interrelated

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Piling Foundations

two classifications displacement soil is compressed and the load is carried by end bearing, and replacement the load is carried by friction. pile caps are used to compensate for uneveness and raking to ensure load is carried to the pile.

Design and construction factors: ground conditions eg built up site will use replacement piles; access; cost; availabilty of resources

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Base Connections

3 Types of connection of stanchion

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