F104 Fire

Fire Safety Engineering (fire safety solution) Arc

Fire Safety Engineering (fire safety solution) Architectural level which is a industry in its own right - advises especially of larger buildings- examing it holistically

  • how occupants will react in a fire
  • specifically look at problematic area eg travel distances

Approved Document B of the building regulations the functional requirements that must be acheived in a building. buildings are designed with these requirements in mind. or see above. priority is the escape of occupants

Loss Prevention Standards (LPS)  and BRE Global commercial control of a building eg Zurich which promotes best practice and will drive down premiums, construction will be to a higher standard. main distinction from the regs priority is mass structure and longer protection periods

Regulatory reform (fire safety order) principle behind the simplification is that large buildings have a fire safety officer responsible for safety (compilation of risk assesments

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Passive and Active Fire Systems

Passive defined selection of Material construction of a detail enhancing thefire safety performance of a building. Consider the purpose of the material and how the performance is achevied

  • Compartmentation Section B3 of AD B constructing to a pre determined level of resistance
  • Cavity Barriers particular attention to voids in the ceiling
  • Structural fire protection steelwork (400c) concrete/ lining/intumescent paint
  • Roofs and boundary conditions eg protecting from external source fire
  • Doors & Glazing an integral form of containment (they are assemblies)
  • Fire Brigade access and facilities
  • Tall buildings require firefighting shafts with risers

Active defined as use of equipment, installations and procedural arrangements.

  • Automatic fire detection alarm system and zonal panels, fire extinguishers, blankets, sprinklers, deluge, wet and dry risers.
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Considerations of Design

Consideration to the behaviour of the fire and of its occupants eg Summerfield and Bradford city football stadium other factors eg Tall Buidings and problems of getting water to the top.

Criteria of fire resistance of components and assemblies that needs to displayed

  • ability to support its load by retaining strength
  • fire resistance
  • insulation

buildings categorised by purpose groups and height of building The fundamental objective of AD B is safe evacuation of the building

Means of escape- signage-illumination (factors that will influence this)

  • nature of occupancy; eg shopping centres require large capacity escape routes; type of building eg its construction, degree of risk, eg storage of materials; sufficient number of escapes (length) eg 1=18m 2=45m
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